Did you know that a full "blood moon" is coming on Wednesday, October 8th?  It will be visible in the US and Canada early Wednesday morning. The full eclipses will begin at 6:25AM EDT. Full lunar eclipses are often called "blood moons" because of their reddish tint they adopt from sunsets and sunrises seen from Earth reflected onto the surface of the moon.  This will be last blood moon of 2014. A blood moon could mean many things depending on religious and social beliefs. Divine signs? Prophesies? End of times? You name it. I find it interesting that even though the last one we experienced occurred in April of 2014, this one falls in October.  True to the season, it's a bit more eerie, a tad bit enthralling, and falls in a month known for many myths.  

In spite of all of the cryptic signs October brings, it is such a lovely month.  With leaves falling in shades of gold, bourbon and deep rosewoods, there is a lot to love during these thirty one days.  

Pumpkin patch visits, scarves circling your neckline, stepping inside to enjoy spicy foods, shrub cocktails, and mouthwatering desserts over great conversations with loved ones.  

October, despite the feelings I've held for you in the past, I'm elated you're here. It's time to take in the view you bring.

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