balÉ™ns/ - verb :: counteract, equal, or neutralize the weight or importance of.

I recently read on the lovely blog, Live the Process, that when our energy is in the central line—what the Tibetans called, “uma”, not only our bodies, but more importantly our minds, and as a result our entire lives, will always be at peace—with ourselves, itself and everything around us. 

I must admit, this is a very difficult concept for me to wrap my mind around due to not ever having felt at peace with everything in life at one time. If I feel at peace with relationships, my career may be unsettled or if I finally find peace with my career, my time for exercise may suffer and so on and so on.  It seems like a juggling act, a never ending circle of how many balls you can keep in the air without totally flailing. However, if we select not to focus on the juggling act, and focus on internal and external peace we have the opportunity to find the balance that our lives so desperately crave. 

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