1-- This was the first summer in many years that I did not make a trek up to NY.  There is still time but with a lot of change happening this summer, I may just have to hold out for fall.  Instead, I love sending postcards of cities to people that live in them, just to let them know how lucky they are.

2 --  Jonah + Jax.  Oye, these two.  Working from home has taught me a lot about my fur babies.  Jonah likes possessions.   Anything he could fit through the doggie door is ultimately, his.  He also likes to pass on the first bone in case the second one is better (Jax always lets him, too sweet) and alas, he still sleeps with his head under the bed.  Jax is a clinger.  A good one too.  He is always there if you need him.  For instance, if you are in need of a good cry, he will place his paw on your chest.  He sleeps touching me, and it's nice to hear the sound of his breathing in the middle of the night.

 3 -- NYC.  As mentioned above, this photo was taken two years ago in late summer.  It really is my boyfriend. I miss it.

4 -- Raspberry Gelato, Iced Lemon Peels and Vino made for a lovely post Saturday dessert with the Esco Family (four groups of friends that live on the same street. Think Melrose, no pool, and people that enjoy each others company).

5 -- Jonah on a hike in Hyde Park last week. He's a private one, and loves to investigate everything.  Jax was watching him from afar.  They are good brothers and very good companions.

6 -- One of my favorite pieces of art at Jessie Baca's studio.  Check out just how amazing of an event planner she is right here.  Her creativity is unreal.  Desination Wedding in Northern NM?  She's your girl.


Tuli Pano said...

I'm totally in love with your blog!
Nice shots
Esth├Ęte Urbaine

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you Tuli, I just became an instant fan of yours. So simple and stylish, everything is spot on. I'll be following--lovely to e-meet you!