This is why.  An article she wrote on The Man Repeller still has people buzzing.  When I first read it, I was in disbelief.  This is a woman who is intelligent, wicked funny, a great writer, and has changed the way women wear what they want, when they want, for them and no one else.  She changed the confidence game.  Forever.
Another thing that caught my attention in this article, is that for a brief moment in time, the comment made by a man had her questioning her beauty.  If you ask me, she has an inner and outer beauty you cannot replicate.  She is comfortable in her own skin--and how many women could really admit that? 
I think I could count maybe four that I know of.   
As much as we hype the mascara we can't live without, the new shade of lipstick that is everywhere this spring, or the shoes that we have to have now--this isn't what she is addresses.  She is talking about an attitude, a confidence most women would walk to the end of the earth for.  

Honestly, I LOVE that fact that she doesn't wear make-up.  I wish I was strong enough not to do so on a daily basis---especially knowing that you are going to be photographed quite a bit.  It's a breath fresh air to hear what she has to say, to know that she puts it out there every time she writes an article and not give a fuck what people think.  I could go on and on about this article, but she sums it up nicely.  Sadly, this man, whoever he is, just doesn't get it.  To his fault, unfortunately.  The worst part is, I'm most certain, he never will.

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