Sometimes you hear a song you loved long ago, and it stops you dead in your tracks. It takes you back to the year, the month, the time in your life you thought you would never get through.  Years later, long after that moment has passed, the lyrics once again remind you of the feelings you once had, and whether pivotal or not, how life managed to go on.

When I hear songs I haven't heard in a while--the ones that meant so much to me some time ago, I love to search for the artist/songwriter/singer who put those words to paper, and in someway through their own melodic voice, made them your own.  I never want to know why the artist wrote the song at the time it resonated with me so deeply, because for that moment in time, it was my story, my song. This was one, circa many, many years ago.

Performed for a small studio audience in NYC, December 10th, 2010.


Nan // Simply Elegant said...

I just listened to this song three times on repeat, ha.. I used to listen to it constantly with my friends years ago, so it definetly brings back tons of memories.

But it was also so nice to listen to it again, and really focus on the lyrics and how they mean different things to me now than they did back then.
Thanks for sharing, happy Wednesday!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Hi Nan--that is hilarious. I listened to it quite a bit once I rediscovered it. Isn't funny how life changes and it takes either a song, a story or some other reminder to let you know just how much it did? Hope you had a nice Wednesday too, I loved your post on the Met Gala Decor, gorgeous! xo.