There's an anonymous quote I've read a hundred times that says "Quit glorifying the busy".  While easier said than done, once the alarm goes off on Monday morning the to do list that seems a mile long scrolls through your head, and if you are anything like me, you pick up your phone, check your emails, texts and calendar.  Instant stress before you've even stepped out of bed.  Why have we allowed life to come to this?  
I don't know if I'll ever find the answer but I can change the way I start my morning.  We treat ourselves wonderfully two days out of the week. We slow down, we unwind, we pamper and primp, and enjoy every minute of it.  We take care of ourselves in ways we should the other five days out of the week.  

We actually take time to indulge in a spa day or even soak in the tub with oils, salts and scrubs.  I understand that it's not possible to spa every day but there is a way to feel as if you did. If you add Caldrea's Body line to your morning routine, from body wash to body cream, I'm certain you'll feel better, almost spoiled as you rush out the door. 
I've been using Caldrea products for quite some time.  With a very well thought out scent collection, it is hard not to get addicted to them.  Tea Olive Lime has come to be my go to once spring hit, but choosing between all other scents is a challenge. Treating your body and skin in the morning is a must, feeling like you just left the spa, is even better. 

*product photography and art direction by Jessie Baca & Jamy Berntsen
*post sponsored by Caldrea, all opinions are exclusively Fourth Street's