April seems more to me like a fresh start than January does.  It's time to get outside and wander. Bring out the fresh linens and clean decor.  Wear light layers and messy hair.  It's an easy month filled with whatever you want to make it. Gardening, spending time outdoors with loved ones, drinking wine on the patio under a string of lights.  The options are endless.  I am so thankful it has finally arrived.

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simply cintya, said...

I agree, April seems much more of a fresh new start than January. I guess it's because Spring is officially here and everyone is so over WInter. The first day of April here in NY was absolutely beautiful especially after a weekend filled with rain, seems like a perfect start to the month if you ask me. Hope your April is filled with happiness.

Sarah-Lou said...

Sounds wonderful, a kindred spirit on Spring being best for fresh x

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

That is wonderful Cintya, I'm so glad it was beautiful in NY. I hope the rest of April is just as lovely. xo.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Perfectly said Sarah-Lou. xo.