Being that we celebrated Earth Day this week, I could not think of a better product line to share with you.  Caldrea (which you know I love) household products make chores so much more pleasant.  With its incredibly effective plant derived ingredients, they are safe for you, your home & the earth.  
I have to admit, I'm done with the Windex/Clorox/Pine Sole scents.  The Ginger Pomelo line is a lovely blend of citrus, emboldened ginger, and a perfect mix of basil with sweet peony. Infused with all natural essential oils, you could read more about Caldrea's fragrance anatomy here.  

Between household cleaners, laundry essentials and candles, every Caldrea product does what it sets out to do. Make your home tasks easier, safer and more satisfying.  This is especially important if you live with little ones or pets in your home.  They are designed to clean top to bottom, clean the tough stuff, and most importantly, make it smell like it. 
Once I began using Caldrea's home keeping line, it was as if no other cleaning products existed in my world.  The two most incredible things I love about them is, one, they last, and two, they are so affordable.  I've listed the product used in the photos below, and on Caldrea's website you can find a store located in your neighborhood.  Plus, for all of us who are Target aficionados they are also available in store and online. Convenient, convenient, convenient. 
The products highlighted in this post are:

All Purpose Cleaner - $12.00
Countertop Spray - $9.00
Dish Soap - $9.00
Hand Soap - $12.50
Hand Lotion - $10.50
Glass Hand Soap - $18.00
Linen & Room Spray - $10.00

Not shown in this scent are the Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, and a candle you will love.  All priced between $10 and $20.

Our formulations work. Beautifully.

When you are bringing a product into your home, you live, breathe, and use it daily.  Caldrea's product philosophy is right on the money.

*Photography by Scott Hussion, Art Direction by Jamy Berntsen & Scott Hussion
*post sponsored by Caldrea, all opinions are Fourth Street's.