Nor would you ever want it to. I believe people, circumstances, experiences, whether good or bad are placed in our lives for a reason.  Yes, some may be painful, some may be exhilarating--it is those instances, those conversations, those lessons that embody who we are.  Sometimes we may not even realize the reason for years down the road.  This is why I believe we should turn what we may consider a failure as an attempt, as something to try differently next time the situation presents itself.  If  we do that, failure won't exist in life.  The lessons, the experiences, the love, will.
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Becca Waterloo said...

totally! my best friend and I have a motto - everything happens for a reason. I'm glad someone else shares that too!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

That's wonderful Becca, I completely believe it even if you have no idea why something happened for years. There's definitely a plan!