The last time I visited Seattle, I was a teenager, Nirvana was all the rage, and grunge was the only way to dress.  Yes, I admit, I wore a flannel or two, snuck into some underground bars and played the part oh so well.  That's what some teens do while they are trying to find themselves---morph into so many identities.  Alas, my grunge phase didn't last long, hence this quote by Kurt Cobain is so appropriate.

The Seattle I'm heading to today I think I'll see in a different light.  I'm excited to see the sights I thought were so cliche back then, and feel the moisture and the rain.  Yes, the rain.  After living in a desert drought, I miss it.  Most of all, I can't wait to spend some QT with my best friend and her family.  It's been way too long and life is way to short.

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Bri Towne said...

have fun! seattle is on my list. i can't believe i've never been there. i feel like i would make a great PNW girl :)

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thanks darling! I really am looking forward to it. And yes, you would fit right in with the PNW, I could definitely see it. xo.

simply cintya, said...

Kurt Cobain has to be one of my favorite musicians and that quote couldn't be more perfect. Hope you enjoy your time in Seattle!

Alecia said...

too funny. I also talked about my grunge phase today. HA! Have fun lady! I want to see lots of pictures. Jon and I are debating going there or Palm Springs again.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Cintya, he is one of mine too, this city will always remind me of him :)

Jamy of Fourth Street said...


That's hilarious! It was all the rage in the 90's. Seattle is lovely, but I'm a sunshine fanatic, head to Palm Springs :)