I was first introduced to CALDREA when I purchased the Aloe Water Apricot body oil some time back.  If you are not super into perfumes (especially when you are in an office setting), the body oil was perfect.  A hint of fragrance, clean and very simple.  Then I was pleasantly surprised to learn that  CALDREA had an Aromatherapeutic Living Product Line.  I get bored easily, so trust me I'm over the smell of Windex and Bounce.  No offense.  So naturally, it was amazing to discover the lovely scents this company creates.  From Basil Blue Sage to Rosewater Driftwood you have some wonderful options to select from.

This month, CALDREA is launching their new home product fragrance; Black Coriander Lime, so I had to share since the scent is nothing short of amazing.  Here is a sample of some of the products, but if you haven't given them a whiff or two (available at Target) I think you're missing out. No offense.

*images via caldrea


Alecia said...

ooo I gotta smell them next time I am in Target. I do feel like I'm missing out :)