I thought I could get away with it this winter, but I found I'm definitely not invincible.  It hit me hard. I caught the most painful throat, cold, flu like, chills sickness in the world.  Yes, I'm being dramatic but I was taking every preventative measure to keep it at bay and failed.  Two days of utter pain and laying around bundled up under the covers on the couch is not fun.  Not to mention the temperatures lately do not make for a happy camper.  Thank goodness there is blogland to keep one entertained.  Here are some of fun links I've found this week. 

the behaviors of men.  agree?  disagree?
oh my heaven, this is on my must make list.
has anyone tried this?  i can't wait.
i'm with Alecia…so sick of boots i.e., winter.
can't wait to add these to the collection.
did you know you can remember someone's touch?
ahh, to be french.
this coffee table rocks.

hope you have a beautiful + healthy one.

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Georgia said...

So sorry to hear you were "under the weather". I detest winter here in WI and getting that icky winter
(as we call it here in WI "crud").

Hope the weekend rest has helped you feel better.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you Georgia! Yes, that is exactly how I feel. I could do away with this part of winter and crud that comes with it. xo.