I'm not exactly sure why I was thinking about this over the weekend but I started wondering at what age did we start dreading Mondays?  It couldn't have been kindergarten, because that was fun.  Coloring, learning how to cut and paste for real and being read to was pretty damn cool.  First grade?  I don't know.  Or was it just because that is how Mondays were introduced to us at some point in our early years?  Imagine if it was the opposite and we were taught to love Mondays?  To adore the idea of getting back to doing what you love and spending time with people who love to do the same thing?  Always learning, always being a productive member of society.  Trust me, I know about 90% of the population is not doing what they thought they'd being doing in adulthood but if you are in the lucky 10%, Mondays shouldn't be so bad, correct?  They would be a start to a new week of doing what you came here to do without the dread, anxiety nor the hum drum of a long week ahead.  Poor Monday, it really got the bad end of the deal, didn't it?

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Alecia said...

it totally did get the bad end. Dare I say, I might like Mondays? my mind is more alert coming off of a relaxing weekend. It is the middle of the week that I dread....I start drifting away and start slacking on my work.

Bri Towne said...

i was actually looking forward to this monday! after having hubs off work (thankfully, really. i loved it) for a whole month and my mama visiting for two weeks i was really looking forward to being alone... or as alone as i can with two babies ;) but i'm excited for today to get back in to the swing of things and figure out how to deal with a normal day without all the extra help.

cheers to monday!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Interesting Alecia, Tuesdays are hard for me because it is not Monday but not mid-week either. Funny how we operate :) xo.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Bri, I hope everything went really well with you and the two little ones today! I cannot imagine how you do it. You will have to write how it feels with just you three. xo.

Jessie Baca said...

Ill admit it, I dig a Monday ;)

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

You are part of the 10% that love their jobs so I'm not sure if you count :) Let's get together this week if you've returned to SF. xo.