Besides falling head over heals for this beanie.  I'm thinking of warmer weather.  I figured something out over the past few years, if it's not the holidays, the cold makes me angry.  I want to feel the sun on my face, sit outdoors for dinner and basically wear light clothing. 
Work.  But really good, inspiring work where you feel organized and are able to accomplish what you need to each day.  Not just making it through the day but living the day.  Being proud of your day.     
Enjoying your time.  Whether it be alone or with some of your favorite peeps.  Time moves so fast that we forget that it's OK to just chill every now and then.  Even people watching with a cup of coffee in tow sounds wonderful right about now.
Simplifying.  Realizing you don't need 30 pairs of shoes, you just need a handful of really good ones.  Same with clothing.  January is a good month to clean out the closet and donate to the people that do really need that sweater you haven't worn in over a year. 
Contemplating.  Are you where you were a year ago?  Is it where you want to be?  Since it's a brand new one, it's really time to think about what you want and how you want to achieve it before the ball drops and all of a sudden it's 2015.  

Funny to look back on your recent pins and see what's been on your mind lately.  Sometimes we pin photos for inspiration, sometimes for their sheer beauty--but sometimes I think it's for a deeper meaning.

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