I'm finally starting a gallery wall so I've been perusing artwork like crazy lately.  I've been wanting to to this for over a year now so I've ordered different pieces over the last six months.  These prints popped on my Pinterest board, and were pinned from Alecia of the Likes of Us  from me&him&you which is a little shop in Dublin.  There are a handful of cities around the world but NYC and London were my favorites.  It took me forever to decide which one to purchase but in the end I opted to order the NYC print.  They are witty, no? 

Check out the rest of the collection, here.

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Alecia said...

are they not the coolest? I squealed a little when I found them! How are you doing? I feel like I have been out of the blog loop for too long. :)

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

I'm so excited, it has already shipped! How did you find that cute little store? I love it. I'm doing ok, recovering from the holidays. I feel the same way, I didn't blog much over the break so it's been a little bit harder to get back in the swing of things.

How are you? xo.