Any big plans for the weekend besides holiday shopping, wrapping, decorating, festive parties, and maybe hitting the slopes (if you're near them) after the massive storm that just blew threw?  I feel so behind being that Thanksgiving fell so late in November that I'm finding it hard to believe we are smack dab in the middle of the season.  In any event, even though it's going to be a jam packed December, it's sure to be a lovely one. After all, the season is really about love, family, friends and the real reason why we are here, right?  So all that other stuff I mentioned earlier...can come second.

this reclaimed wood wine rack is to die for. 
i'm loving this simple sort of tree.
what an adorable mix of prints.
such a lovely festive flute set.
ladies, pay attention. the man gift guide of all gift guides.
stunning combination.
sarah's december playlist is out. whoo whoo!

....last but not least, it's amazing how we love people we've never met.

Have a beautiful one.


Bri Towne said...

i love the skimm! perfect way to start my day!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Isn't it awesome? I love it!

Alecia said...

ok just signed up for the skimm. My life is about to change, isn't it?

And you are so sweet for including me in your roundup. That gift guide took like 10 hrs, ha! I must be insane blogger :)


Jamy of Fourth Street said...

It totally is. I usually save my 2nd cup of coffee for it. Very witty.

BTW, love your gift guides, I've found quite a few goodies off it ;)