I was stunned when I read this quote by Zora Neal Hurston---I had never heard it before nor had I ever thought of life this way.  On December 26, there is going to be a lot media focused on looking back at the year that was 2013.  The big moments and the little ones that in some way touched our lives.  Current events aside, I believe it's a perfect question to ask ourselves.  What did this year mean to me? Not just what happened, how did it effect me in they way I'll move forward?  How did I live it? Was is one that sought emotions we don't want to necessarily address internally or did it answer those very feelings so we could move forward?  Just a little something to think about when the last twelve months run through your mind.

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Nancy said...

I have also just seen that quote, it has been popping up all over pinterest. I also really enjoy reflecting on the past year and considering what will happen in the next year. I love this time of year, full of wonder and hope!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Hi Nancy--thank you for stopping by FS. I loved perusing your blog and Etsy shop! I will stop by often. And, yes. I agree, if we do not reflect, how do we grow? xo.