Seriously.  If you live anywhere in the continental US, it's been freezing.  Even in the land of nuts and honey (LA).  While I'm all up for a cold winter holiday season, I am not into the bitter temps, icy roads and frozen snow.  Anyone else feel this way, or is my "I'm done with 2013" side shining through?  If you find yourself on my side of the fence, this drink by Honestly Yum will help get you through those frosty nights.  It's super easy to make, and by all means, if you want add an extra shot or two of brandy to it, be my guest.  Enjoy!


| ingredients | 
one oz cognac
one oz dark creme e cacao
one oz half and half
freshly grated nutmeg for garnish
| directions |
since this is a very simple cocktail
please use the best quality ingredients 
you can find. a nice cognac over just
a regular ol' brandy will make the difference

add equal parts cognac, dark creme de cacao
and half and half to your shaker
add ice and shake for thirty seconds so the 
drink becomes cold and frothy
garnish with a sprinkle of 
freshly grated nutmeg

| enjoy |
while trimming the tree, with holiday music on in the background


Alecia said...

you really find the best drink recipes! :) and yes I am with you....... brr it is f***ing cold here.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thanks Alecia, I sorta, kinda feel like I cover them to much but I just can't resist. They are so yummy :) And yes. F**K the cold. I'm already over it.