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There have been few and far between times in my life that I DIY.  Unless it has anything to do with painting walls, refinishing furniture (does that even count?) or making wreaths.  This is why I had to share these lovely clay votives from the sweet blog, Irrelephant.  These women are the queens a DIY, bes sure to add their blog to your daily reads.  They are unreal. 

I came across them because I'm always looking for gorgeous looking votives to place around the house.  It doesn't matter how small they are, they add a serenity to any space to you put them in.  The most wonderful thing about making your own clay votives is that you can make them as rough or smooth as you'd like.  I think I'm into the 3rd grade organic look, but that's just me. 

In any event, pretty and eclectic votives are hard to find.  As soon as I catch up on the rest of decorating, I'm going to try these out.  If by chance you give them a go, send me a photo, I'd love to see how yours turned out.


| what you'll need |
air dry clay
x-acto knife
paint brush
cup of water 
candle wax
candle wick
| how to make |
cut two thin sliced of clay by slicing it with string
keep on square and slice the other in have to make
thin rectangle shapes. they should look like in photo
start rolling the rectangle piece connecting the ends together
with water and a paintbrush, brush the crease to blend it together
then take your fingers and mold it smooth
place your round piece on top of the square clay you placed
aside earlier, take the x-acto knife and cut along the edges
this will be your bottom.  take your brush in the crease
and then mold smooth together
set out to dry over night for maximum reassurance

for the wax and wick take an old candle jar
and place in a pan with water line to a little over the wax line
boil water until the wax melts
pour wax into new clay votives

| enjoy | 
such beautiful light on any given evening during the holiday season

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