What are you up to this weekend?  Anything exciting?  I think on this end, it's going to be super chill.  After a whirlwind week, not to mention the shenanigans of last week, I am so ready for it.  If you're going to be holed up under the covers and catching up on some online and offline reading, here are some great links for you to check out.

sneak peek at the mona lisa
are you a sweet disaster too?
a little weirded out NYC didn't make the list--but woah, shout out to Santa Fe
this is sort of a no brainer
i read in a mag that "life's short, wear a mini"-- this one is perfect 
hilarious.  but could you do it? i'd have separation anxiety
the giveaways of all giveaways, have you entered? 
you will find this is more and more true every year you age.

...and adios eggnog, i found my cocktail for the season.

have a fabulous one.

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