ONE | The Times. Yes, it is delivered in every city in the world, but there is nothing like grabbing a coffee and picking up a copy to read before the day begins while you are in NY.  Nostalgic maybe?  Wannabe New Yorker?  Possible. 

TWO | Did I mention the coffee, the cappuccinos or the lattes?  For some reason at any little cafe you stop in they taste just a tad bit better.  No lies.

THREE | Boutique Hotels.  Staying at The Nolitan was a change this time around.  It was adorable, cozy and served champagne, wine and cheese platters every evening from five to seven.  Champagne o'clock as I liked to call it.

FOUR | Big Lights, Brick City.  My oh my are these buildings gorgeous.  Whether an exposed brick wall had been painted over a million times in every shade of white--I was still in love.

FIVE | Funny Signs.  Maybe the average New Yorker doesn't notice them as much as say a tourist would but I have to give it to them, they can be pretty witty.

SIX | Building Envy.  Yes, I know these fire escapes are for functional reasons but damn are they gorgeous or what? 

SEVEN | Wandering About.  With friends who went with us from Santa Fe and all of our lovely friends who live in the city--this is the best part.  We don't do a lot of walking around in the Southwest so it's such a treat to not have to think about a car, parking or driving for that matter.  Yes, it's the little things.

EIGHT | The Butcher's Daughter.  Oh my heaven, this is the best juice bar/cafe on earth.  They have everything, elixirs, teas, hydration juices to my favorite "the hangover killer".  True to its name, it works like a charm.  That with a perfectly designed heart latte was pure joy every morning.

NINE | Window Views.  Isn't this apartment gorgeous?  After arriving on the redeye, I slept like a cat in a windowsill beneath these large beauties.

TEN | The Restaurants.  There were too many to instagram, too many to try.  The Parsienne Cantine was at the Notlitan and was a beauty of a place to enjoy pre-dinner drinks, appetizers and meet up with friends before heading out for the evening.

ELEVEN | Chocolateirs + Ice Cream Shops.  This particular menu was from a lovely little place on Varick.  I've never had chocolate curry infused ice cream with handmade waffle cones but I will never forget just how delicious it was.

TWELVE | The city really doesn't sleep.  And that is what is so magnificent about it.  Coming from a small city that looks pretty desolate come 10PM it is awesome to be in a place that is just getting its groove on at that time.  While I'm certain people who live there don't experience it all the time, for travelers it is a dream come true.

...and to think I didn't even get to discuss the shopping,
 the post would have been way too long.

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Alexa said...

Oh my goodness, this makes me miss New York so much. I still ask myself every day why I ever moved away to go to college in Florida. Can't wait to finally move back home next year!!


Jamy of Fourth Street said...

You can sum it up to experience and finding what you truly do love :) But, your right on the money. I'd take NY over FL any day. xo!

simply cintya, said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay in the city I call home.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

You are so very lucky NYC is your home, I love it more and more every time I visit. xo.