A favorite reader of mine wrote in one day and asked me what type of makeup products I use.  Could I really tell the story?  Not one to pretend that I've always used these awesome products I'm about to talk about, I'm going to que the confessions of a prior drug store makeup buyer.  I just could not get over paying three, four almost five times as much for makeup until I realized just how much it was hurting my skin.  In my defense, I have super sensitive skin but I never really thought that my choice of  makeup contributed to that until my dermatologist scolded me as we picked through my makeup bag during an appointment.

As with anything, you get what you pay for.  Good makeup is made up of even better ingredients which help moisturize and repair your skin.  So every time the attendant at the makeup counter has to pry my credit card out of my hand, I remind myself that it's worth it.  It's part of the process of taking care of your skin.  Along with a great facial product line, your skin will not only look stunning it will also feel much better which means you'll feel better.  It was a long road--but I finally got it--and I'm so glad I did.  Here is what I use, and without hesitation, I swear by all of it.  

once you try this, you will never try another foundation again. with a strong spf, 
it covers everything--and i mean everything. 

used only to combat shine, you will have this around for quite some time.

if you don't want to look tired for that early morning meeting, you need this.
it will brighten, it will add light, it won't exasperate wrinkles.

depending on the season the chanel quad is where it's at.  why make things difficult?
it's all there for you to blend together, for every season, every occasion.

repeat after me.  you'll never use another mascara again.

a blush that goes from day (applied lightly) to evening (applied heavier)
you can't ask for more.

your lips will make it through the most brutal of winters with this baby.

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Alecia said...

ooo I have never heard of that foundation - but will have to give it a go.

but wait a minute Jamy - it is $120? never mind. ha

Do you feel that foundation is worth that amount? I have paid 45 for foundation but never in the upward of 100 dollars. What makes it worth that money to you? ( just curious )

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

I know....crazy right? Until you try it. I literally put it on in the morning and do not need to touch it up through out the day. Dark circles, redness, dry skin, it really takes care of it all. Plus it has a light to it, I've never seen in other higher end products.

I cringed at the price tag--and still do after I've squeezed every ounce out of the tube but it really will change the look of your complexion and you won't have any half used, tried this, tried that foundation bottles laying around. My skin is super sensitive as well so this also helped with the breakouts. Never in a million years would I recommend a product that is this expensive unless I know it works. It's the real deal :)

Georgia Jones said...

Thank you for this post. I think many of us are always on a quest to find the perfect cosmetics. When they are finally discovered there is no need to continue making purchases that end up in the " never going to use this again" pile.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

You are so welcome. I went through so many low end and high end products to figure out what works and this is what I found. Like I told Alecia, Im not happy about paying that much for foundation but if I divide it by 6-8 months I figure its a drugstore buy :) Or at least that makes me feel better. xo.!