Wishing you a lovely mid-weekend.  After some sideways rain and snow that fell in the mountains this week, it turned  out to be the most beautiful fall day today.  I hope where ever you are, you're enjoying this colorful, crisp, pumpkin spice latte drinking weather.  Could you believe it's really here?

eyeing you via likes of us. literally.
AK Vintage's studio space.
this is a killer moldboard.
surreal self portraits by a 22 yr old genius.
i think i'll be wearing this look until the snow is deep.
i tried on this neoprene clover canyon skirt at bodhi bazzar in santa fe. it's a must buy.
Jax and I had a snoozefest this afternoon.

Hope the rest of your weekend is equally relaxing.

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Georgia Jones said...

Hope your weekend was wonderful. The photographer is beyond belief. Loving the clean, modern, fresh feel of your blog.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you Georgia, that is so sweet of you. I cannot wait until the next release of FS is ready, it's much more crisp. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too and are off to a great week! xo.