One one the main definitions of the word vulnerable is being open to censure and criticism. Vulnerability is one of the most difficult human emotions one can feel.  For when a person feels vulnerable, they close off and shut down and sometimes make the decision to not open themselves up to something that may cause pain.  On the alternative side, if we do that every time we feel and inkling of vulnerability brewing within us, we are essentially hiding ourselves from the world.  That is why I love this quote by Brene Brown.  If you could somehow muddle past the vulnerability, you just might be surprised at what you could put out into the world.  Your word, your mark, your stamp.  And that my friends, is such a beautiful thing.   

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Alecia said...

yes it is. I struggle with this all the time. Vulnerability is scary - but such great things can come from it. Great reminder for me today!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

I think being vulnerable is the scariest emotion too, but then I think of all the success stories I've heard over the years about the people who have felt it--and just went for it, and they keep me going. Thankfully! xo.