My best friend and her family lost one of their precious dogs today.  It happened suddenly and under the guidance of their dear Vet they knew it was her time to go.  Lil' Pee was one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met and I'm finding peace in the fact that Jersey was waiting for her on the other side to show her the ropes.  They were friends too when we lived in Phoenix and would run around my friends big back yard in the scorching, hot sun.  Lil' Pee was always a bit freaked out by how much Jersey  loved to swim in the pool.  She wouldn't dare jump in.  Now they can do whatever they want, however they like, they will sleep on angels wings and hop endlessly through puffy clouds.  Doggie Heaven must be one lovely place and I'm certain Lil Pee is going to love it there.   

This is a small Fourth Street reminder to love and cherish your pets every moment they are with you on this earth.  Just like us, we never know when we will be called home but we do know their time on earth is much shorter and should be celebrated everyday.  Here are a few links that go hand in hand with that thought.

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have a lovely one.


Janel Nucci said...

J we are so touched what a beautiful message. All of us send our love and appreciation for your heartwarming homage to our dear Lil Pee. Who better than our sweet angel Jersey boy to greet her. Heavy heart but with comfort she is running around freely and happily with her buddy Jersey. Xoxoxo

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Love you guys so much. While it is so difficult, I can only imagine the fun they are having now. Just like those afternoons in Phx. xo.