For anyone that lives in rainy weather cities I'm not quite sure how you do it.  It has been raining all week in what is supposed to be the sunny Southwest and it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon.  While we need the moisture it makes me want to do nothing but stay home, curl up on the couch and watch cheesy movies.  For those of you that do live in rainy environments, how do you get out and about and conquer each day? It's sounds like such a silly question but it's one I'm dying to know the answer to.  This week has been filled with stepping in unavoidable puddles, running from building to car and then back, and dealing with the most uncontrollable head of hair I've encountered since we spent time in British Columbia few years ago.  Rainy weather dwellers, I bow down.  In the meantime, here are some cool links to peruse during the weekend if your hanging in as well.  

such a sexy look.
loving the lighting at this dinner table.
coveting this trench.
such a gorgeous dress.
obsessed with this type.
quite the sectional, no?
sarah, you're amazing.
i'm in love with this furry face.

....and THE must read of the week. trust me.

have a great one, friends.

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