Every morning I wake up the first question I ask myself is "do I have to wash my hair today or not?" It's long so the washing, the drying, the styling, eat into some serious minutes of precious sleep. If I knew how to braid my hair in different ways, it would save me a lot of anguish. Hence my quest to learn how to braid. When I see all of the wonderful tutorials on pinterest and in blog land I have to wonder, am I just braid challenged or am I not taking the proper time to learn? For today's post, I've scoured blogs and pinterest and have found the braid tutorials I am going to put to the test. If you are anything like I am, I think we have a chance. Or if you are a braiding wizard and have some great tutorials bookmarked, please send them over. 

*image source pinterest


Alecia said...

it is comical how hair challenged i am. these braids sure make me jealous of how people can maneuver their hair. my hair says, psh no way I'm gonna let you do that to me.

maybe some patience would do me good. these braids are pretty perfect though, so I might give one a go. maybe my husband can hold the mirror while I try? HA. I seriously think I need a team to do something like this to my hair.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

I think you have hit it, the husband holding the mirror....genius! I have to give this a go come winter because somewhere along the lines of collecting stickers and drawing hearts on binders, I totally missed the braiding boat :)