If you read the article featured in the New York Times blog on September 12th, you know what I'm talking about.  Michael Hirschorn nailed it to a tee.  JT is the epitome of multigenerational attraction and that my friends, is pretty damn awesome.  While I'm not a twenty-something who grew up in NSYNC's heyday, I'm also not embarrassed to admit "Bye Bye Bye" is on my workout playlist.  Actually, I have all of JT's music woven in and around various playlists because his music is phenomenal.  The collaborations (Jay-Z and Timbaland are my favorites) but the dancing, the acting, the singing seems to just get better and better.  And I am more than OK with that. 
You rock.
Stay that way. For our sake.

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Alexa said...

JT is just so sexy and perfect and ugh I just love him so much. Love that you dedicated a post to him!


Alexa said...
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Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Alexa my darling, I'm right there with you. He's the entire package. Jessica is one lucky lady--but I think she knows it :) We're hoping to see him in concert in NYC in November. Now that be worthy of a blog post too. Hope you are wonderful!


Pati Mo said...

i agree with you, he is so talented. And the pictures turned out amazing. Black and white can do wonders!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Hi Pati,

Thanks for stopping by FS. Yes, these photos are quite profound. I've never seen him in this light before. There's a lot of emotion there.