Wow.  It seemed like we were just in the midst of Memorial Day Weekend.  This past summer has definitely flown by.  On this end, it was filled with more sad moments than I'd like to admit, but we did get through it even though at times I wasn't quite sure how that was going to happen.  We miss Jersey every single day but I think we're getting ready to bring not one but two little puppies into our home again.  

I hope that your summer was absolutely wonderful, and was everything that summer should be.  Light, lovely, easy.    

love this bouncle' beanie
i want this bag for fall.
seriously the best recipe ever.
beauty of a simple closet, no?
this definition doesn't change once grown.
i heard the real 'tenebaums' dine in santa fe.  must meet them.

...and, MLK, thank you for your dream.

until Tuesday, friends.

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