What are your plans for the weekend or is one of those weekends where you've made zero plans, like us?  Other than B taking a 5AM bike ride with the boys on Saturday, it's going to be a pretty chill weekend.  Which is perfectly fine with me, I think I need a vacation from our vacation last weekend.  Meanwhile, here are a few findings I've been loving this past week.

this mixtape with a view is a must have.
loving this identity design
and this mod coat/dress.
grecian goddesses, for real.
in my opinion, these are the best h&m online picks.
crazy over this delicate stacking ring.
lets hang out here the rest of the summer.
how adorable is OMS instagram feed?

...and yet again, good life advice.

have a wonderful one.

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Janelle Andrea said...

There are two H&M stores near me, but I was so excited to shop the home selections! I got some really good pieces. Have a great weekend!


Jamy of Fourth Street said...

That's wonderful! There's not an H&M in NM so now I don't have to wait to visit a "big" city to shop at one. Hope you are having a great weekend too, thanks for stopping by FS. xo!