My niece is headed to college in a few short weeks and I can't seem to get it out of my mind.  One, because I'm so unbelievably proud of the young woman she is now and I can only imagine the incredible woman she is going to become.  With that, this question has also been on my mind.  If you could tell your eighteen year old self anything, what would it be?  For me, it would be a message I would hope to tell myself not only at eighteen but from that point on.

Dare.  Dare to dream, dare to live, dare to love, dare to try, dare to fail, dare to succeed, dare to wonder, dare to explore, dare to move on, dare to never look back, dare to cry, dare to laugh, dare to live in different cities, dare to befriend people unlike yourself, dare to listen, dare to understand, dare to travel to far off lands, dare to learn new cultures, dare to accept what doesn't work for you, dare to cherish what does, dare to fight for what you believe in, dare to vote against unpopular opinion, dare to fight for human rights, dare to think globally, dare to find your inner self, dare to believe in a higher power, dare to dream, dare to live, and dare to do it all over again.  

Just Dare.

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