These images by Jordon Dibb of Wildernesses Photography featured on The Bubbly Nerd blog really stayed with me.  They're random shots of Emily Claire (also of Wildernesses Photography) flipping her hair around in a cul de sac in the suburbs of Minneapolis.  The lighting in the photos are beautiful however what struck me most was the question of what it would be like to grow up in the suburbs of a big city?  Would you be itching to move away as soon as it was legal even if its to the main city these suburbs grew out of?  Or would you return after college to live the same quiet lifestyle?  Or would you never return?  It makes me wonder if people who grew up in larger cities would ever be comfortable in quaint little towns and what the triggers are when the "ol' time to get out of the city" feelings start to hit?  Or do they ever?  Or vice versa?  Interesting what type of thoughts simple photographs conjure up, no?

You could read more about Emily here and peruse through Wildernesses Photography here. Their work is stunning.

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Emily said...

You are too kind, Jamy! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the suburbs, too ... I didn't grow up in them (grew up in the city) and can't really stand to be in them for much longer than a day or so. We were visiting family when these were taken. But you make a good point on the whole leaving or staying thing. I think I have yet to figure it out myself! :)

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

The photos of you look like someone just itching to get out of them so that makes complete sense that you grew up in the city. They are really poignant. Santa Fe is a small city so whenever I get the chance to travel anywhere urban, I'm in heaven. We'll see how long we stay here too. :) So glad you liked the post. xo.