Two things.  One, never cut five inches off your hair if your are already feeling the slightest bit down.  The aftershock does not help.  Two, if you are depressed, saddened or grieving, yoga is the best medicine.  Take a class, enjoy, embrace.  Give yourself the time to reconnect to yourself and the universe.  The pain you feel doing Vinyasa is far greater than you feel emotionally so you technically win for an hour. 

Time heals all wounds.  I'm presently in the purgatory of this dimension.  However, these lovely ladies tend to cheer me up on a day to day basis.  

what to pack for summer camp
penny loafers missing their pennies
leopard + coral = brilliance
amy moore's instagram in one word, precious.
saving up for this little beauty
emerson's tees hold the key to my heart
joanna goddard always finds the funny in our society

if you are ever in santa fe, be sure to stop in here
you'll never want to leave.

Have a wonderful one.

*image unknown