It's not a secret that Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo gives some of the best motherhood advice around.  I've come to love her Motherhood Monday series because it is not only for mothers, it is for aunts, sisters, friends, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandparents and siblings.  This post, on how to talk to young girls changed my entire interactions with my nieces, my friends daughters and every young girl I come across.

At first, it was a difficult shift because girls are precious.  Their hair, their faces, their little clothes are downright adorable.  Naturally you want to immediately say "you look so pretty" or "I love your dress, hair, outfit, shoes..." but this article teaches you how to speak to young girls about things other than their looks or their clothes.  It's a thought provoking change of perception.  In short, you should still give young girls compliments, it's just not the first thing you should say to them.  We live in a society where only 4% of women are CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, the ratio of scientists is still 3 to 10 women to men and where women still struggle with body image.  Something needs to change and this little piece of advice might be the very beginning of it.  What are your thoughts on this?  I'd love to know.
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