How adorable is this photo?  What I would give to have a photo of my mother when she pregnant with me.  If you happen to have one, cherish it.  I think pregnant women are stunning--the glow, the belly, the hope of what is yet to be.  It's so magical.  This weekend, if you are celebrating with your mother, or are a mother to be or reminiscing about life when your mother was alive, I hope you thoroughly enjoy the day.  Here are a few wonderful links in light of the celebration.   

take time to learn about your mother.  
once upon a time she was young,
brilliant, confused and wild too.

take as many of these this weekend.  one day, you'll be glad you did.
speaking of which, Ana is a lovely mother who instagrams 
the most darling photos of her daughter every now and again.

this seems like a lovely project to do on mothers day.

or if you are in a more relaxed mood, this is 
a perfect cocktail to make for your mother's day brunch.

wise words from mother theresa.

...and in my opinion, this was one of the coolest mothers of our time.

have a lovely one.

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