Confession. About seven years ago I went vegan (cold turkey) and kept with it for three (long) years. It was a great learning experience for me in a nutritional aspect but in the end it was too strict for my personal taste. I know there are a lot of vegan lovers out there and for that I commend you. Due to this, I thought I'd dedicate one of the delicious recipes vegans (as well as others) could divulge in as we head into summer. These ice cream bars are yummy, highly nutritious and wonderful for the body. Enjoy!

Scrumptious Ice Cream Bars Brought to You by Veggie-Wedgie

| ingredients | 
vanilla pudding ice cream base
six young coconuts
1/2 cup coconut water
1/2 cup agave nectar
1 teaspoon ground vanilla powder

| directions| 
open coconuts and save water
for drinking.  scrape out the soft meat
in a high speed blender combine the coconut
meat  and water, agave and vanilla and blend
until you have a rich smooth cream
transfer in molds and freeze
for eight hours

| ingredients |
cacao chocolate shell
150 grams raw shaved cacao paste
1/2 cup coconut butter/oil
1/2 cup agave nectar

| directions |
place all ingredients in a double broiler
on medium heat and stir until 
everything melts and   comes together
ensure you don't overheat the chocolate
repeat the transfer directions above

| enjoy | 
on a easy breezy spring afternoon with friends, family & lots of laughter

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