Only a few of you know what I am about to tell you as I haven't had the courage to talk about it yet on FS.  Though you may have seen the signs.  B, Jersey and I have been dealing with a not so fun topic to discuss on a blog that I created for people to pop in every now and then and find something positive, fun and enlightening.  

Truth is, over the past four months, Jersey has been fighting lymphoma.  We first found out about his diagnosis when we were in NYC in February.  Three days in to a eight day trip and only half a day of blogshop class, we suddenly found ourselves on the last flight out of JFK, headed home to meet with the our wonderful Veterinarian and determine the aggressiveness, the treatment options and the chances of him being able to fight this horrible disease.  In a matter of an instant we were immersed in research of Eastern and Western medical treatments, nutrition and of course, the odds.  We changed everything, his diet, his protocol and our schedules so from that day forward, he would never be alone.  

As many of you know, cancer is a vicious beast.  It will fight just as hard as you do.  Jersey did very well during the initial part of his treatment and loved his new food, his trips to the vet every Wednesday and his acupuncture sessions.  Sadly, in the end (which was a few days ago) we knew he was calling it.  The look in his eyes said "no more, I am tired but more importantly, I want to go home".  With the guidance of our Vet, we knew when to look for those signs.  They came quickly, and as she advised us we would know when it was time.  True to form, we did.      

I understand that many of you have lost the pets you have loved deeply and for that--my heart goes out to you. I'm not going to eulogize Jersey on Fourth Street, because our love for him is so deep.  This post would go on forever.  I do want you to know that he will live in the memories of the hikes we took him on during the summer months, the spontaneous swims he loved so much when we stumbled upon lakes, the snow he played in all winter long and the bunnies he couldn't wait to see every morning while had a cup of coffee on the patio.   He blessed our lives for eight years that our love for him is too ample to put into words.  One thing I do know is that until we get to see him again, he will live in our hearts indefinitely.

Thank you for understanding that Fourth Street will not be updated for a few weeks while we move through the process of such a difficult loss.  It may be back with a new look and feel but still highlighting the same content I care so much about.  You could still find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter where I will continue to share thoughts, passions and my love of all things environmentally friendly.

Thank you for your support and kindness during this time as well as for following Fourth Street.  You are the reason I created this space and you will always be the reason it will continue.   

I do hope you had a wonderful weekend. 



Rebecca said...

Sending my sympathies to you in an unbearably sad time. I wish I could send better words of comfort but in a comment box I guess all I can say is take care and leave a quote from another comment box I read recently that felt like it might bring a little bit of light during some dark days: "I found it has helped me in my experience to try to always think of what I had not what I lost. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. They will always be with you, in your love for them." I hope the pain lightens a little. My well wishes to you guys.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Hi Rebecca,

I cannot thank you enough for your kind and thoughtful words. Knowing that our dear dog is without pain does help tremendously and the memories of the the time we were able to spend with him will be a true treasure always. Thank you for understanding and for reminding me that he will always be with us. xo.

Danielle said...

Jamy this post was so heartbreaking it brought me to tears remembering my own dog's passing in 2009. Your words speak volumes to how much you loved and were touched by Jersey's life. I can empathize with the pain and grief you are experiencing right now - there's just nothing quite like it. I hope that this sadness will subside and transform in time to gratitude and peace in your heart. I'm sure his essence is being gifted to you in another form and will continue to carry you and Erik throughout the rest of your lives. Abundant love to you, Danielle

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you so much for this lovely note. You are right, there is nothing quite like losing such a precious soul who gave nothing but unconditional love. Your thoughts are so special Danielle, I will hold them dear to my heart and look openly for the gift of his spirit. I love you so much.


Christine Martin said...

Oh Jamy...so sorry to hear. I cried as I read this. I know. I know. Sending you all the love and peace there is.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you very much, Christine. I deeply appreciate it. xo.