For the families and friends who lost loved ones in Boston and West, Texas this past week.  For the survivors, the health care professionals, first responders and for the people who ran to help victims during the frightening moments after the explosions.  Give thanks that you are safe and warm surrounded by the people you love.  If you have the means, give monetarily or if you live near these cities, give your time.  If you'd like to donate online, below are a list of charities that will direct you where and how to help.


Boston First Responders Fund: The Boston Fire Fighters Credit Union, a 65-year-old financial institution in Boston that serves mainly employees and retirees of the Boston Fire Department and members of Boston unions, is collecting money which will be disseminated to the victims.

Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG):  Folks in Boston’s tech, investing, and entrepreneurial sectors have put together a fund-raising campaign validated by the Boston Globe. The campaign at Fundraise.com has already directed a portion of the funds raised to The One Fund Boston, and all monies are earmarked for victims and relief efforts. TUGG and Fundraise.com are donating 100 percent of their fees to ensure money truly goes to help.
Help Jeffrey Bauman:  A photo of a man in a wheelchair with his legs severed, being pushed by a heroic volunteer in a cowboy hat, has gone viral. That man is Jeffrey Bauman Jr., and a fund has been established to help cover his care.
Help Celeste and Sydney Corcoran:  High school senior Sydney and mother Celeste both lost both of their legs in the explosion. You've probably seen Sydney -- she is the girl lying in a gut-wrenching photo with a man in a red shirt leaning over her, comforting her. The fund established to help them has been validated by their local newspaper, the Lowell Sun.
Help Roseann Sdoia:  A 45-year-old spectator who lost a leg below the knee, Sdoia's friends have set up a GoFundMe donation site that has also been validated by the Lowell Sun.
New England Patriots: The Kraft family, owners of the Boston-area football team, is matching donations dollar for dollar up to $100,000. Your donation can count twice with this effort.
Vince Wilfork Foundation: The Patriots player typically raises money for diabetes causes, but this month he's suspended that in favor of fundraising for victims. The player himself is matching donations up to $10,000, and all donations this month go to the victims.

W E S T, T E X A S
American Red Cross of Central Texas:  The Red Cross is providing water and other immediate needs to survivors.  You can donate to the Red Cross's efforts in general by texting REDCROSS to 90999, or visit the website to see how you could provide localized help.
The Salvation Army:  The Salvation Army mobilized five emergency mobile kitchens to the Texas area to help provide displaced residents with food.  The group is also distributing warm clothes and blankets to people whose homes were destroyed.  Donate directly to the Salvation Army's efforts, here.

have a loving one.

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Christine Martin said...

beautiful as always, Jamy. Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement to support however we can.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you, Christine. That just warmed my heart. Hope you are wonderful.


Ali of Dressing Ken said...

I know it is insane all the things that are going on. Overwhelming. I finally turned the TV off.

Thank for the kind words on my blog.

Ali of


Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Even on CBS this morning where the commentators are usually soft spoken---said it was the week from hell. It was insane. Late last week, I had to turn the TV off too.

Love your blog, thanks for stopping by FS :)