Despite the freak snow storm that hit the Santa Fe this past week, we should be in for some nice weather this weekend.  I think it's time to start acting like it's really spring.  Spending mornings drinking tea on the patio, taking afternoon walks with the dogs or jumping on the bike for a little ride around the neighborhood all sound nothing short of wonderful.  Hope the weekend is just as delightful, relaxing and slow paced where ever you are.  

this looks like a delicious weekend lunch
and this for dinner.
this is a total treat. love, love, love three dots.
someone is going to france--and i'm so happy for her.
i've fallen in love with this family.
this seems like a fun project.
nothing but a whole lot of cuteness here.

...and this would be fun to play again with your daughter, niece
or some girls in the neighborhood.

have a lovely one.

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