I believe some weekends call for total relaxation.  Sleeping in, going for a late lunch (or ordering in), watching movies and checking in on the final four.  As I mentioned on twitter, I apologize for the sporadic posts this week, we've been running full force since mid February and I think this weekend is the first one where we'll be able to just chill.  No plans.  If that means PJ's and slowly doing little things around the house, I'm OK with that.  If you are on the opposite end and have a full weekend of activities planned---hope it's an absolute fun one.  

i want to hang out in this.
i'm already craving this for sunday brunch.
and sorta dying to make these.
this hair cut has me thinking...hard.
i think i want one of these for summer.
go ahead, be one of these every now in then.

...and carry one these. they rock.

for those of you who stopped by FS during my absence, thank you.

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