I read an awesome tweet yesterday that said "I'm going to live today like tomorrow isn't Monday."  It completely caught me off guard.  It's not the first thing that crosses my mind on Sunday morning but as the hours pass on I start thinking about all the tasks I have to tackle come Monday morning.  And then the dread sits in and Sunday is not as enjoyable as it should be.  Does this happen to you?  I believe the a.k.a. unsettling Sunday fear first appears when you start kindergarten and potentially ends when you retire---unless you change your mindset.  Now, having learned the hard way, living in the moment is where it's at.  Not tomorrow, not next month, not five years from now.  I'm not advocating not to plan, because planning is a good thing, I'm referring to enjoying the beauty of the life you are living now.   

Have a good one.  

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