Woah---it's been a long one hasn't it?  I'm ready for some serious R&R.  I hope that whatever your weekend plans entail, you could fit some in as well.  

ana's food instagrams are almost too pretty to eat.
what a precious neighborhood coffee shop.
ever wonder what the pisces mantra is? find out here.
if someone is willing to share their stick with you, they're your best friend.
these pretty little things will make you happy.
indulge in these.
loving this xoxo necklace.
well said.

...and last but not least, happy international women's day.

have a wonderful one.

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gracekelle said...

Sad we didn't have a chance to connect at Blogshop :(

Love your blog. Hope you are having a great weekend! Can't believe tomorrow is the start of another long week!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

hi gracekelle (love the nickname)--i'm sorry i we weren't able to connect at bs ny either and was bummed i missed the second day. thank you for stopping by fourth street, love your blog too. i'll be reading it often.