Amidst the plethora of things we undertake once the alarm sounds on a Monday morning and we fly into the week without thoroughly taking time to enjoy the very reason why we are here is somewhat embarrassing.  To be human is a blessing and taking the time to relish this life we've been given is even more of a blessing. Life is fragile--so not taking it for granted is the best thing we could do to honor it.  

So this week, while I'm frantically writing my "to do list" I will most likely begin adding the moments to it that really matter--such as calling the friend you've been meaning to talk to or ensuring you follow through on the dinner plans "you've been promising to honor" or making sure you give all the love and joy possible to the lovely pets in your life will make sure that quality time is really---quality time.  

Make it an amazing one.

*photo via Just Monk3y /*quote