“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, 
in some sense, kidding.” 

Which is something I totally believe to be true.  We have quite a few friends that live in the city that I think may think this about us---(kidding somewhat).   However, we are very excited to catch up with them, wander around, hang out in the West Village and Soho and of course attend Blogshop in Brooklyn.  I hope wherever you are that your weekend + next week (which is really this week) is just as wonderful.

Thanks so much for stopping by---promise to post soon.  In the meantime you could always--

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Lo said...

Hope you have an awesome trip!

Hena Tayeb said...

I almost agree.. and I don't live there.. I live in Jersey but like it mainly because of my proximity to new york and all it has to offer.. after a kid I hardly get into the city as much as I used to and I find that almost unbearable.
But i've never lived in a closet sized apartment and I can't imagine doing so.. i like space and so I am slowly feeling better about living here and not there.. as long as I'm close enough to visit whenever I like.

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Hi Lo (It is so fun to say that). The trip was wonderful but cut short due to a family emergency. I'll send you a separate email explaining. Hope all is wonderful with you.


Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Hi Hena,

Thank you for stopping by FS and for your message. Yes, it's an amazing city but I'm not sure I could handle the space constraints either. Whole different world but an amazing city to visit. Took a peek at your photography. It's so beautiful.