I'm not one to make a big deal about my birthday---but I love to celebrate the birthdays of others.  When I started thinking of how many of our friends share February as their birthday month (three of us on the same day), I couldn't help but put together a little shout out for my fellow Aquarius's as well as those born on the cusp.  The thread I see between this group of friends ties very well into the quote by Satchel Paige.  Each have traveled down very different paths at very different times, are understanding, are not one to judge and accept people for who they are.  They live the life they want to live regardless of peer pressure, time lines or society made up rules.  I love that about them.

If you also have a birthday this month or your birthday falls within the Aquarius dates, please accept a heartfelt "Happy Birthday" from me.  As quirky as Aquarius's are...I secretly think we rock, no?  Here are a few tidbits about this funny yet eccentric sign.


Aquarius is depicted by a water bearer though it is an air sign.  This makes Aquarius mysterious, intriguing, interesting and just a little off.  These are their top five traits.

1. Sense Of Humor

It is a unique ability of Aquarius to be funny even without trying too hard. Spend 5 minutes with an Aquarius and they will entertain you so much, you’d wonder how time passed.  Now people love to laugh and they love people who can make them laugh.  So you can’t be surprised if you get to know that an Aquarius has a huge fan following, can you?

2. Courage

Aquarius's love living life on the edge. They are very brave and love adventures. If an Aquarius is asked to write a book about all the adventures in life, there will have a lot to talk about. This is simply because they are open to all kinds of experiments. In fact, they hate going the way everybody else goes. Instead, they would take a route that nobody else has ever discovered.

3. Independence

Aquarius's love freedom. Their freedom is in fact something that they won’t give up for anything else in the world. When you look at an Aquarian, you see a strong, independent person standing in front of you. They possesses not just the power, but also the guts to look after themselves.  

4. Practical Nature

Aquarius's are not someone who gets carried away by words and aimless dreams.  They are way too smart for that. The Aquarius belongs to the 21st century and is not a foolish dreamer.  They are realists, and they know very well what is possible and what is not. 

5. Sensuality

Let’s face it, Aquarius's are naturally sexy. There are are plenty of reasons for this. One is the coolness and calmness by which they carry themselves. It adds to their sexiness quotient. Secondly, they are adventurous and love taking risks. This implies even to their sex life. Thus, they always leave their partner wanting for more.
I tried to find the top negative traits of an Aquarian, but there just aren't any.  
Now that is a true trait of a real Aquarian.  Haha.
Serioiusly though--you can find the negative traits here.  
IF you are interested.

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Pati Mo said...

haha go aquarius!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

A little over the top maybe :) Haha. Love my fellow Aquarius's. Thanks for stopping by Pati---love your portfolio and your blog. Gorgeous!

Christine Martin said...

oh happy birthday, dear Jamy. I love the quote you chose as I discover new wiry grays on my head. Suppose I'd be 29 years old. yep. that's it. howabout you?

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

Thank you Christine, so sweet of you. I suppose I'd be 31. I believe that is the year when things clicked and life started making sense. xo.