What happened this past week?  Actually, some pretty lovely things.

ONE.  I attempted to get "out of my comfort zone" and opt for a very layered type hair cut rather than the regular trim.  The only thing is I can't replicate how it looked after I left the Salon.  A.K.A, it looks nothing like the picture above on a day to day basis.  Does that ever happen to you?  Hair challenged skills aside, I still absolutely love it.

TWO. One of our favorite things to do in Santa Fe is visit Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese Spa nestled in the mountains of Hyde Park.  If we are ever super stressed, we head there immediately.  If you are ever in Santa Fe, it must be on the list of things to do.

THREE.  B was in Utah last weekend at a big ski event.  I admit, I'm pretty down when we are a part, I really miss him. However, the bright side of it is that Jersey and I go back to the days of when he was a puppy and it was just the two of us.  He sweetly slept by me every night so I couldn't help but capture the moment with a photo.

FOUR.  If you haven't tried Davines products, you should immediately.  Not only do they make your hair feel wonderful, they are a socially conscious company that has killer customer service.  To my dismay, my Davines OI was confiscated by TSA on a return flight I was on late last week and Davines read my disappointed tweet and kindly sent me a new bottle.  I was beside myself.  I was a big product advocate before this happened but when a company cares that much to perform such a gesture--I must admit, I'm even more in love with them than I was before.

*images via FS Instagram