In an effort to share more on FS and not just on instagram, I thought I'd include bits & pieces of the week and life in Santa Fe.  For those of you that have never visited Santa Fe, it's not just filled with art galleries and turquoise jewels (though they are abundant)--it's a unique town that we've somehow managed to carve out a little life in.  So here are the bits & pieces of life during this past week.

ONE.  After a long week of meetings and the confiscation of my Davines OI/OIL treatment by the TSA, I was delayed for three hours at DIA.  I nestled myself across from the B terminal phone bank for amusement but obviously nobody used it. 

TWO.  I did return to a lovely yet quiet birthday dinner with my husband.  The real birthday events start in a little over a week when we head to NYC.  Very excited for that.

THREE.  My favorite purchase of the week was a canvas LIFE coffee jacket I found at Whole Foods. All proceeds go to the CTC International.  It is a non-profit organization working alongside Kenyan communities to create sustainable change.

FOUR.  My Warby Parker Winston specs arrived and I could not be happier with them.  I feel like an old-school 1950's engineer.  All I need it a crisp white shirt, a skinny black tie and a control room and I'm good to go.  However, Jersey seemed to love them too.  Doesn't he look adorable?


*images via @fourthstreet on instagram