I fully understand now that it's not Minnesota cold.  After following Breanna Rose, Kate Arands and Emily Claire on instagram, winter up north is what you see in the movies.  I know for certain if I lived up there, I'd never leave the house.  After living in the low desert (Phoenix) for many years, I grew accustomed to sixty degree winters where a light sweater and thin booties were all you needed to get by.  Now I live in the high desert (Santa Fe) where winter is frigid but bearable.  I still don't want to go outside on some days but I do enjoy sipping hot tea in front of the fire, the way the snow looks when it first falls, long weekend brunches, wearing super cozy sweaters, a quick soak now and then and most of all--spending ski days with B.

How is your winter going thus far?  I'd love to know.  

Photos via Fourth Street's Instagram.
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Emily said...

I think it's super cool that you still have snow in Santa Fe! I've never been to New Mexico (desperate to go, though) and I always thought it was all desert, nothing else. Your photos look super cozy!

Jamy of Fourth Street said...

It snows in SF from about November to March, which people do find hard to believe. I must say, I'm done with it after January and long for springtime to come.

The southern part of the state is all desert so I wouldn't recommend visiting there but I think you and your wonderful photography skills would love Santa Fe :) Plus we'd get to meet in person.