Is anyone a little weirded out that this is the last weekend of January?  Where on earth did it go?  I was just warming up to it.  Although February is going to bring many exciting things such as a trip to NYC for Blogshop, our 7th year anniversary when we first met here and a teeny, tiny birthday celebration I've been looking forward to.  As for this weekend, B & I planned to actually have no plans whatsoever and see where the next two days take us.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

So to close the month out, 
here are a few of my favorite January happenings from around the web.

this very happy news from A Cup of Jo
learning that sometimes everything is not always as it seems
but you will find the silver lining
my new specs
this moodboard
this recipe
this pin

& this killer video B sent me about Simon Dumont's custom half-pipe
that shows it's always about vision and dedication...period.

Have a good one.

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