It's so easy to say isn't it?  Simplify.  Downsize.  Organize.  Whether you are naturally born with these tendencies or not, living a simplified life when life is not simple is challenging.  I'm not a Type A person but I have a Type A career.  I'm the organizer, the planner, the person who consistently follows up with everyone to ensure product launches are met on time.  Details cannot fall through the cracks.  If you are an entrepreneur, I'm certain you understand this.  It's your name on the line.  You can't half-ass it.  But mastering it, professionally and even more so in your personal life takes you to another playing field--which is the playing field you want to be on.  Here are the top three actions I've found that if are executed properly--actually work.  

Advice provided by Elizabeth Scott, M.S.

Many stressed people live in cluttered homes. 
But, house clutter is both an effect and a cause of stress. 
Clutter can bring a general feeling of uneasiness, 
and can literally drain your energy, 
but getting rid of it is difficult for stressed 
people with busy schedules. One strategy to simplify life by 
clearing clutter is to take 15 or 30 minutes each night
to tackle one pile at a time, decluttering your house 
space by space. Another strategy is to take several hours one 
weekend and just be done with it. Either way, you’ll remove 
a subtle but significant energy drain from your life, 
and replace it with the feelings of relaxation 
that come from having your home be a haven from stress.

You may already be aware of the value of solid, 
supportive relationships in your life-- 
the friend who picks you up when your down, 
celebrates with you when you’re happy, 
and shares events in your life as they happen. 
You may not be as aware of the effects o
conflicted relationships--the critical, unpredictable, 
or uber-competitive friend. It turns out that these
 'toxic friendships' actually rain us more than purely 
negative relationships. This is because we don’t always
 have strong defenses against the people who 
are sometimes nice to us, so we can get 
taken off-guard. If you’re wondering how to simplify life, 
save yourself grief, frustration and drama if you take
 an honest look at the relationships in your life 
and decide which are worth maintaining and which 
should be let go.

Getting some of the daily, weekly and monthly work of your life 
into an automated system can help simplify life and relieve stress
in two ways: You don’t have to take time to do the work, 
and you don’t have to clutter your mind by
remembering to do the work. Making little changes that take steps 
out of your daily routine like setting up automatic timers by signing up for
 automatic bill pay options, utilize project management aps or getting off
junk mail lists can be an easy way to simplify life. 
By putting in a little initial work, you can then forget about it.